Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

  • Data Recovery
  • Lost photos, emails, documents
  • Broken thumb/flash drive
  • Crashed hard drive


You turn on your computer to find that you have lost pictures, your music collection or homework assignments. A file has been corrupted, or you accidentally deleted something. Maybe your USB drive no longer show up in Windows, or your External Hard Drive is making “clicking” noises. Abuja Computers now offers a comprehensive data recovery facility, right here in Abuja. We are able to handle Hard Disk Drives, SSD, USB Drives, Camera Memory Cards and crashed Windows Installations Not only we are the taking the lead in the industry, but we are local. We are able to repair and recover data that has been corrupted, or deleted, even disk that have been re-formatted. Bring us your lost projects so you don’t have to start from scratch. Your time is important.

Data recovery is not something that the typical user wants to attempt. Many times, unknowing customers will try to “restore the computer to an earlier time” or use “Last known good configuration” to fix a bad Windows boot sequence. This can overwrite data and make it impossible to recover. Sometimes you only get one chance at data recovery. Make that one shot count with Abuja Computers. We care about your family pictures and music collections, just like you do.

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